April 7 & 14, 2018

Westmoreland Fayette Council's Scouting for Food Campaign takes place in April each year. The plan is for each unit to participate in the food drive by being responsible for a geographic area, distribute door hangers and to pick up the food the following Saturday. Selected units will be asked to staff local supermarkets on Scouting for Food Days to collect food donations. Chartered Organizations are also being asked to participate by putting out Food boxes at their locations and asking organization members to participate in the Scouting for Food campaign.

If each Scout in every unit would collect at least 10 bags with at least 5 pounds of food, our goal of 85,000 pounds would be realized, Meeder stated recently. What better way to promote Scouting than to do a “Good Turn” something that Scouts have done since day one. Hunger is the Number One Problem in our Westmoreland and Fayette area. Who better to lead the way than Scouts!!!

April dates have been chosen for Scouting for Food in 2018 so that all Scouts in Western Pennsylvania will collect food at the same time in order to maximize our marketing efforts and maximize the amount of food that can be collected.

Flyer distribution is scheduled for
April 7, 2018

Food pickup is scheduled for
April 14, 2018

Dates: Hanger Distribution - Saturday, April 7, 2018
Food Pickup - Saturday, April 14, 2018
Meet: Meet at St. Paul's at 8:30 A.M. each day.
Teams: You will go out into the community in small teams of 2-4 Scouts and 2 adults.
Maps: Each team will be provided with a map detailing the area in which they are to work.
Drivers: We need lots of drivers for each of the days of this event. Parent's are asked to help by taking a team out into a neighborhood and working with the Scouts to distribute flyers or collect food.
When will I be done? The amount of time you will be asked to give varies, depending on the area you are assigned to work. In the past most teams have completed working their assigned area before noon. If we don't get enough help, you may be asked to take another area when you finish your first one.
What to Bring: Wear your class 'A' uniform. If it's cold, layer under your uniform. Make sure folks can identify you as a Scout! But dress warmly and be sure to bring rain gear, if there is a possibility of inclement weather.
Bring a water bottle.
Leave electronic games, iPods, etc. at home!

Photos from the Troop 480 2010 Scouting for Food campaign