Laurel Caverns
April 16, 2023

Scouts entered the caves at a naturally well lit area once visited by Native Americans, then hiked to the cave known as the Dining Room, learning of the graffiti modern explorers have made throughout the cave as they explored, some dating back to 1880.

Climbing down a steep tunnel (the flue), Scouts expired the Ball Room, Bat Room, Petite Falls, and the Roland’s Dig passage.

Scouts learned the materials of the caves are mostly Loyalhanna Limestone, but formations such as the Pillar of Hercules are evidence of other materials such as Deer Valley Limestone converging in is what as known as a ‘slide’.

Before leaving the caves Scouts saw an optical illusion, the cave floor was at a 21 degree incline and a small golf ball track was sloped at -1 degrees, though it appeared the golf ball was rolling up hill.

Text and pictures provided by Katherine Horensky